for collective art training

The heart of Tiliade’s methodology is a fusion of innovative learning approaches that shape all of our projects.

At the forefront of our methodology is Collective Intelligence. During each of our trainings, we shape our program and creations according to the unique mix of identities, needs, expectations, and talents of our participants. We trust the surprising synergies that appear and let ourselves be smittened by the magic emerging from it all.

Experiential Learning is the heartbeat of Tiliade projects structure. In our trainings, participants learn by doing. They experience tools and exercises for themselves, engage personally on a process of creation, then reflect on how to adapt and share it through their own projects and works.

Horizontal learning is our only dogma. Trainers and participants stand equal. We believe that participants know as much and more than trainers in different fields. So we count on participants to tell us what they need, so that we can cater for it. We’re ready to give space for skill exchange for participants to become trainers and vice versa. For us, learning never stops, it comes from everyone all the time.

Embodied Learning focuses on body and feelings as key learning tools. In our projects, the participant’s journey is not just a mental exercise but an embodied experience: we start every training day with movement and an emotional check up. We’re attentive to what our bodies and feelings express and we feed on those signals to nourish our creative process.

Nature-Based Learning acknowledges the profound teachings that nature offers. Through direct experiences in natural settings, participants connect with the environment, fostering a deeper understanding of interdependence and inspiring a sense of responsibility toward each other and our planet. This holistic approach integrates the wisdom of nature into our collective learning journey.

Born in the tech world, Lean Learning is about delivering the right learning at the right time, minimising waste, and staying flexible to change. We base our activities on constant feedback from participants, work by trial and error. If something works, we continue. If it doesn’t, we change our proposal and adapt to emerging needs, making the most out of what appears. Lean Learning guides us towards ever greater adaptability and inclusivity in every step.

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