our complementary team

Tiliade workshops are made possible through the generous funding of the Erasmus+ programme. In our journey, collaboration is at the core, and our partners play a pivotal role in shaping the success of each endeavour.Meet some of our recurring partners who share our passion for collective creation, transformative learning and cultural exchange: 

ABS passionately involves young minds in social life through innovative programs, fostering proactive attitudes towards social inclusion, global issues, and European values.

Orizzonti actively supports the inclusion of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, engages with students on diversity issues, and empowers educators through their School of Counseling, embodying a commitment to fostering integration and support for disadvantaged individuals.

Semper Avanti excels in preparing young minds for the labor market, fostering understanding of democracy, and promoting youth tolerance, open-mindedness, and cultural diversity. Semper Avanti continually empowers young individuals, shaping their skills, perspectives, and attitudes for a vibrant and interconnected world.

Check-IN engages in activities enhancing the quality of life. With a primary focus on youth and adult mobility, non-formal education, and fostering cooperation and development, Check-IN is a knowledge-sharing hub supporting European cooperation initiatives.

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