Tiliade unique mix

Picture this: a blend of expertise in collective intelligence, creativity, storytelling and the seamless integration of embodied and digital tools. At Tiliade, we design and animate collective art trainings. Our horizontal learning experiences lead to participatory creations advocating for diversity and inclusion. 

Maxime et Anne

Believing in the extraordinary results born from community efforts.

We craft inclusive spaces, vibrant hubs celebrating multicultural, intergenerational, and pluridisciplinary connections.Our trainings orchestrate participants from different corners of the world, with their unique passions, identities, and walks of life.

Whether you’re an individual itching to contribute to collective creation or an organisation ready to embark on a transformative journey, Tiliade welcomes you.

PS: Legally, we are a dynamic non-governmental organisation that sprang to life in 2020 in the rural heart of France. Rooted in nature, our team explores innovative eco-responsible practices at personal and societal scales.