Mobile Stories #1 –  2023

Mobile Stories presents the results of a ten-day residency of individual and collective experimentation between artists from France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Ecuador and Colombia, working on the transmedia dialogue between bodies, technologies and identities.

by Acílio Maria Gala

This work explores duality in searching for answers through diverse eyes. It is a journey of growing pain and (re)discovering an inner self for the traveller trying to connect with others and belong.

by Barbara Sbrocca

This work explores the human invisible dynamics connected with intimate relationships, where separation is key. Through the three-phases metaphor of breathing (inhale-apnea-exhale), Sbrocca reflects about how letting go of expectations, regret, remorse, etc, is necessary to keep our evolution flowing. By interviewing people about their love/separation experience, the artist digs into her own conflicts, and others’ example becomes ointment for her scars.

by Estelle Da Costa

In the comfort of its personal space, a predator is waiting for its next prey to feed on. It likes to devour people’ fleshes to feel mightier and more confident about itself. But, at the end of the day, nobody comes to visit. They simply keep their distances.
The forces of attraction are powerful: but once you realise they might not work as well as you have expected, what would you do?

by Bruno Mazzon

With this video, Bruno explores the dark period that began in 2020 with the «lockdown» that enclosed all of us in a confined space and changed many dynamics of life and work.

by Albena Puneva

This work explores the desire to find the power and harmony of spiritual life in everyday interactions with others. In the synopsis of a movie “The Way – Walking of Elena” the main character – a young Bulgarian woman – goes to Camino de Santiago to overcome her personal emotional crisis and confusion. The project is searching for a contemporary view to valuable cultural traditions as an inspiration of positive inner transformation and new beliefs for people of all ages and places.

by Catarina Fernandes

This work explores the concept of a journey, both geographical and internal, in the search for a rustic balance that allows one to move from a place of self awareness and meaningful living, but also including the openness and flexibility to embrace life’s misfortunes, without romanticising the so-called path of enlightenment.

by Denise Forestan

This work explores the relationship between a daughter and her mother, in particular it portrays the profound yet oppressive bond that keeps them together. This tie will be represented through the metaphor of the placenta- umbilical cord that will be shown as a net made of different tissues. The performance moves on displaying the need of the daughter to untie herself from the net and take her own life path.

by Elena Santin

This work explores the feelings of a person who has experienced an eating disorder. Pain, resilience and strength are told by the mythological figure of Penelope, who dialogues with the audience as she unravels her web, a metaphor for the theme of this project.

by Fausta Pereira

This work explores the duality between travelling more sustainably and facing the challenges of a demanding economic society. Exploring irony, the cartoon invites viewers to think about balancing lifestyle, working life, and options available to meet new environmental goals.

by Flavia d’Aiello

The project explores, through animal metaphor, the themes of the banality of evil and the sense of possession among humans.

by Francesca Gualino

This work explores the introspective journey of the artist throughout love, time and places. It represents her life story as a human being looking for the fulfilment of the sense of belonging. “Moving or staying?” is the question the artist puts forward to the public.

by Francesca Sforza

This short video is about a young girl that finds life in her “death” as a daughter. Unexpectedly she discovered herself evolved in a new way of life and more aligned with herself.

by Isabel Coelho

My body in/and a profound transformation in a crack of space time. There was a cocoon. Inside, nothing anymore.

by Jessica Borja

This work explores the story of a girl who wants to discover the world. After a crisis and experiencing real loneliness, she understands she has to stop running away.

by Handan Saatçıoglu Gürses

Here you’ll explore a map hidden in a book written by a fictional character IguanASun who is the master of riddles. And the iguana asked:
“What’s fresh & out of the box for a writer?
– It’s the words borrowed from others, the sound of languages you don’t understand and yourself talking through images…”
So here’s the map of inter-language creations hidden in nature inspired by my coincidental friends. Go and explore them befor they vanish.

by Liana Pérez

A visual artist is stuck in France after the Covid-19 pandemic. In the contradiction of her emotions, she highlights the current migration situation of the country and the inability of a system to respond to all demands.

by Lorema Terzi

This work narrates one story, and all stories at the same time. It is the story of a journey, of many departures and many arrivals; and it is the story of all journeys, with their turns, pauses, shifts, dead ends and new paths. These movements are symbolised by different elements of the urban city, reclaiming it as a space of personal and common belonging. The specific quality of the Tarot cards, which needs to be “read” in order to acquire relevance and meaning, along with the infinite possibility of their combination, unfold the invitation of becoming narrators and creators of our lives.

by Maude Oort

This work explores the journey of a young woman through the south of France. Hazards of her mobility question notions such as detachment, adventure, guiltiness, through several inner voices, where explorations bring introspections.

by Monika Rosenbaum

This work explores the essence of belonging and the power of self-expression. Through the tale of Slu, the storytelling snail, we delve into the depths of loss and the yearning for connection. As the ravages of war tear apart her community and kill her friends living beyond the Great Walls, Slu finds herself stripped of her own voice, silenced by all the destruction and violence. To gain back her ability to tell and dance her stories about that now lost foreign community, she must embark on an introspective pilgrimage, venturing deep within herself. It is within this inner sanctuary that the answers reside, waiting to be unravelled: The final retreat.

by Pasquale Dominelli

This work explores the emotions of a housewife immersed in her daily life where she hides her emotions and her desires, displaying a false happiness, unmasked by a pointed truth.

by Rodrigo Pereira Esteves

This work explores the themes of death, myth and creation. In a secluded village where all flies are holy, something sinister looms over it – the rate of death flies is higher than before and the village comes together to mourn their death. This all is part of a prophecy – written in a sacred time before culture, but how does this prophecy betray itself? How can death become one renewed life? How can art and collective intelligence transcend death?”

by Teresa Garrido Pinto Teixeira

This work explores the idea of fitting in this world and the preconception that we need to hide part of ourselves. Throughout abstract and interactive images, the viewers are invited to seek the vulnerabilities hidden in a character and decide if they would like to keep it hidden or show it to the rest. The stop motion video will serve as a statement to the diversity of each one of us, showing our deepest insecurities and our hidden struggles while also showcasing our positive traits and qualities.

by Roxana Parker

What happened before the storm ?
What happened after ?
Life is an eternal renewal
A cycle of discovery and letting go