19-28 July 2024

Cornac, France

Call for application

before May 1st

Atypical will invite 60 youth workers & artists from France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy & Germany to 2 trainings and residency exploring neurodiversity through transmedia creation. Atypical is designed to become an experiential art laboratory exploring the theme of personal and European identities, leading to personal and collective creations, a physical and digital exhibition. Apply here.

Are you neuroatypical? Do you work with neurodiverse audiences? Are you simply interested to learn about this theme? Are you an educator, social worker, youth worker?
Are you an artist, performer, visual artist, film director, screenwriter, sound designer, musician, digital content creator, writer or visionary? Wishing to create personal and collective artworks about contemporary identities in Europe?

Would you like to experience a co-living experiential art laboratory with fresh fellow creatives? Are you passionate about storytelling, advocacy and transmission?

Atypical is for you then!

Atypical explores an innovative learning method leading to the creation of an online and an offline collective exhibition.

It is a training. You will explore the use of digital tools and collective art to better self-express and learn about creative advocacy. You will dive into neurodiversity, learn from yourself, others and our trainer team. At the end of the training, we want you to master a set of knowledge and tools related to mental health, identity as well as script writing, audio editing and voice over, visual editing and integration, as well as to use diverse apps and social media tools, for getting your artistic message across. Then you’ll help the audience you work with to do the same!

It is an art residency. You’ll be hosted in a creative rural barn to research, question, develop and confront your art vision and practices with trainers and participants. The aim will be to gradually merge your personal narrative and experience into a collective physical and digital exhibition.

At the end of each residency-training a physical and digital exhibition will connect your artworks with the local rural community. By going digital we also look further to reach out your personal and professional networks across countries to raise awareness about neurodiversity and inclusion.

Last but not least, Atypical is an inclusive experience for social connection and intercultural european dialogue taking place in Cornac, a picturesque French village surrounded by eco responsible farmers and inspiring artists and artisans from the local rural community. As art is no longer meaningful without sustainability, we opt for sustainable food and reasonable energy consumption. Let’s also reflect together about local actions!

Our methodology is based on experiential learning (learn by doing it!), interdisciplinary exchange (widen your panel of knowledge!) emotional and collective intelligence, outdoor education and non-formal education principles!

Participants will learn through testing designed methods and reflecting upon the experience. Using a participatory approach, we encourage the exchange of experience between the participants and with the local community, fostering peer learning.

We are looking for diverse participants profiles to foster co-learning and enrich everyone’s projects with the expertise and perspective of others, to help you develop mesmerising projects!

Mornings will be dedicated to training.
Afternoons will be time to exchange about personal and collective project evolution in peer groups, sometimes in plenary ; to consult individually with Mobile Stories trainers and/or to join technical workshops to enrich your practice.
Evenings will be open for participants willing to propose activities to each other.

Day 1 | Who is who? / Coliving and coworking agreement
Day 2 | Atypical team building
Day 3 | Diverse abilities, diverse opportunities
Day 4 | Emotional intelligence
Day 5 | Ecological engagement
Day 6 | Atypical creation design
Day 7 | FREE DAY
Day 8 | Symbiotic creations kickstart
Day 9 | Symbiotic storytelling
Day 10 | Evaluation & learning outcomes

Atypical activities will take place in France, in the Occitanie region, in the village of Cornac.

We require all participants and organisers to engage in green travel, using exclusively sustainable low-emissions means of transport such as bus, train or car-pooling (no plane!). You can enjoy up to 6 days of travelling! We will be able to reimburse your travel costs up to a maximum amount of 320€. Food and accommodation are provided for free, thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ programme.

anne merlin

Anne Merlin

is a creativity explorer. Whilst studying visual arts and interaction design in France, she discovered the magic of creativity mixed with collective intelligence and social action. She lived in Greece, Brazil, Seychelles, Portugal and a few more countries, experimenting with ever more creative ways to interact and discover one another in multilingual or non verbal settings. Along the way, she collected myriads of tools & methods for collaborative creation, nature-based learning, emotional intelligence, specializing in storytelling, team dynamics and project design using creativity, movement, emotions and stories to foster well-being, cooperation & social action.

maxime lindon

Maxime Lindon

is a screenwriter, film director and video producer experienced in animating youth workshops. His approach to storytelling is based on a double background and knowledge: cinema & communication. In the last 10 years he wrote TV screenplays, directed one short fiction awarded in festivals and one feature documentary. He founded Pitch Films, a company creating corporate video contents and storytelling workshops. Raised in Milano (Italy), he spent 15 years in Paris before moving to Marseille. As a storytelling trainer, he perceives his job as listening to participants' storytelling desires, helping them to turn their emotions into expressive, high impact and well driven plot multimedia artworks. His mantra in creation: vision is nothing without a heartbeat!

European partners

ABS passionately involves young minds in social life through innovative programs, fostering proactive attitudes towards social inclusion, global issues, and European values.

Orizzonti actively supports the inclusion of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, engages with students on diversity issues, and empowers educators through their School of Counseling, embodying a commitment to fostering integration and support for disadvantaged individuals.

Semper Avanti excels in preparing young minds for the labor market, fostering understanding of democracy, and promoting youth tolerance, open-mindedness, and cultural diversity. Semper Avanti continually empowers young individuals, shaping their skills, perspectives, and attitudes for a vibrant and interconnected world.

Check-IN engages in activities enhancing the quality of life. With a primary focus on youth and adult mobility, non-formal education, and fostering cooperation and development, Check-IN is a knowledge-sharing hub supporting European cooperation initiatives.

Apply here before May 1st. Results will be announced latest on May 15th. Candidates will be asked to confirm their participation within 1 week after the selection results are published.